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  • The Boys’ Brigade, or The BB as we’re often known, is a Christian church-based uniformed organisation for Boys aged 5 to 18.

  • Individual BB groups are called Companies, and some are also able to welcome Girls.

  • Every BB Company is attached to a Christian Church.

  • ​All BB Companies are run by DBS-approved volunteer staff, many of whom also served as children in The BB.

  • BB Companies meet weekly during term-time to enjoy games, activities, sports, and useful life-lessons, including leadership training, in a safe, happy environment, giving encouragement, inspiration, guidance and support to our members.

  • Some BB Companies are able to offer additional activities, such as camping, gymnastics, marching band, water sports, and Duke of Edinburgh training.

  • We work with our Churches to help every child attain their full potential, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

  • BB Companies in West London, and in London generally, often work together for larger events and competitions.

  • This website lists all BB Companies in West London  --  please drop an email to your local group Captain for more details of their wide range of activities.


  • ​Anchor Boys: aged 5-8

  • Junior Section: aged 9-11

  • Company Section: aged 12-14

  • Senior Section: aged 15-18

A small subscription is charged, and a simple uniform is worn.

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